Pricing and getting started

Frames start at $1750 without fork or paint. This is for a “standard” lugged or fillet brazed road, cross or touring frame.

Forks start at $450 for a traditional road or track fork.

Cross, touring forks, start at $550.

Dick brake forks start at $700.

Stems start at $300.

Racks Start at $450.

Single color wet paint start around $600 for a frame, from the local guys to me.

Single color wet paint on forks start around $150.

Powder coating can also be sourced and can work out a bit cheaper, but is not recommended for lugged bikes.

Importing many of my materials from the States, prices can and do fluctuate. My goal is to furnish you with the bike  that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

If you are in Vancouver, call or email to setup a time to drop by the shop.

Super Champion Cycle shop 245 Main St, Vancouver,  stocks examples of my work.

*All prices in Canadian dollars