Vancouver Handbuilt Bike Show!

Hello All, just to let you all know (as this has been kept low key up until now), there is a bike builders show happening in Vancouver on September 10th at Mussette Caffe at 1262 Burrard Street (just off the Hornby bike route), from 5pm-10pm. I have been led to believe there will be adult beverages and bike parking aplenty!

It’s really exciting to be participating in the show and displaying my work, as it comes at a time that a personal project of mine comes to completion, as well as another lovely build of a similar nature. The projects have been based around a very French inspired aesthetic and design with a complement of modern components. I have found a great deal of inspiration in the low trail 650B weekend camping bike designs of the 1950’s that were produced in France by builders of the time. The two bikes I hope to show (some parts awaiting delivery!) are my take on a similar bike design and type. The Show has been organized by my fellow workshop mate Mathew Baun of Skyland cycles. Mathew has worked very hard to get the show together and I cannot applaud him enough for his efforts. The city of Vancouver has such a rich history of bicycle frame building and fabrication that it amazes me an event like this has not taken place yet.

So all that remands to be said is that I hope to see you all there!


And if you can’t, look out for #vancouverframebuildersshow