A story about a bike and a promise kept. Part 1

I first met Peter in 2013 at Clive Bonavia’s funeral. Peter Butterwick, a very English name, and by all accounts a very English gent. Long story short, Clive Bonavia was Peter’s biological father and they had never met before a chance meeting in 2011. After this they forged a  close friendship. The bike below is part of a promise that Peter and Clive had made to each other to ride the Erorica Britannia together. Clive was not to be there in person. However, I do not have to imagine that when Peter was deep in the valleys of the Peak District looking up at the climb to come, it was Clive’s memory and the Bonavia underneath him that was all the support and encouragement he needed to stay the course. I do not have the words to tell this story. Peter however does, and as the following pictures will show, a few before and after shots of Peter’s restored Bonavia.

The next post will be Peter’s story of his time riding,

Le Erorica Britannia


1981 Bonavia road frame set.

Original paint and 1st generation decals.

In the effort to restore the frame in a period correct fashion I had shipped Peter a few of the last remaining original decal sets given to me by Clive. Unfortunately the decals had seen far too much U.V. over the years and were unable to be used.

 So after this setback we initiated Plan B and I sent out a 2nd generation decal set to complement the paint.

Bonavia 5Head tube side shot with 2nd generation Bonavia head tube decal.

I believe this is a Carlton Cycles lug style and possibly made by Carlton.

I have led myself to believe this as, over the years, I have seen many Carlton bicycles made with this lugset.

My research however has found no evidence to support this.

I would be grateful if any one out there could positively I.D. this lugset, as it is always nice to know!

Bonavia 3

Tradition would dictate the cable routing would cross and travel behind the bars and that the cable run be a wee bit longer. However, any critique I could make about set-up of components or cock pit would just be a manifestation of my desire to wrench on this bike.

Bonavia 6

This is a great shot of the 2nd generation down tube decal.

Bonavia 10

Another great shot,

I am really enjoying the blue of the frame and the silver of the decals.

Nice light too!

Bonavia 8

It is great to see a 600 drive train in such a good condition.

Bonavia 2

I really want to see a close-up of the seat lug.

The pedals are also great to see in this picture. The undersides looks like they are in NOS condition!

Bonavia 7

Bonavia 1

And there it is ready for action 34 years on, with a fresh lick of paint, and some new decals.