Stan and Dave’s quill stems

My posting for awhile will be in no particular order as I have a few projects to write up from last year and will be posting them as and when I get them done.

Here is a project from last summer.

I was really excited with this project as there is not much call for quill stems these days. I also happen to have a soft spot for fillet stems of all kinds. So, in order to achieve a position on their bikes that both Stan and Dave would be comfortable in, as well as efficient, they were going to need specific lengths and rises not available. Stan’s stem was 85mm and Dave’s was 95mm in length, and they both required 8 degrees of rise.

I set about making all the relevant pieces of the stems, including boring out sections of 0.085″ 1 1/8th  4130 tubing for the bar clamps and turning down the 7/8th’s quill sections by 0.001″ to allow for paint.

Once this was done, then it was time to braze the components together, and complete the job with a bit of finish work and then send them off  to paint.


The above photos were of the stem I made for Dave. Stan’s stem was the same, just a little shorter. It was made a few weeks after my return from vacation in Europe. Sad to say, I forgot to take a couple photos.

Both Dave and Stan have had their stems painted and when they send me photos I will put them up.