A monster track bike.

I made this bike for Dylan Davies as a way to help support the efforts of an ex-bike messenger that has been kicking ass and winning races on the local road and track racing circuit for that last couple of seasons. He is also a talented photographer.


In time hopefully there will be examples of Dylan’s work on the site, but until then, you guys will have to make do with my photography.

Here are a few shots of the making of Dylan’s new track bike. A combination of True Temper tubes and a few select pipes from a Columbus Max tube set, A Paragon Machine Works headtube and a pair of dressed Long Shen track ends make up this beast

DSC_0112_3DSC_0135DSC_0134 DSC_0056_3  DSC_0145DSC_0055_4DSC_0056_3DSC_0057_4

IMG_20141105_205832 IMG_20141105_211523 IMG_20141105_212458IMG_20141105_212307

So if you like this post, check out a couple posts ago to see a few shots of this beast built and painted. I also just learned it’s the 10th fastest track bike in Canada – nice work, Dylan!