Happy New Year!

So, my wife Debra and I are back from our annual trip down to the San Francisco Bay Area to see family and friends and it’s raining in Vancouver, in January, strange right!? After ten days of festivities and mountain biking with a bunch of great folks from Santa Cruz Bikes (thanks, Ian and Kyle!) and some old friends who made the trip down from Portland OR, 2014 Shredmas happened! The one hiccup was my good buddy Ira broke his hand when he got bucked off in a rock garden, riding a super fun and fast trail near the UC Santa Cruz campus. A day later, and he had six pins in a single metatarsal! Ira has never been one to do things in half measures. Hey Ira, heal up soon!

The other news so far this year is that Dylan Davies, local fast lad and a Trek Red Truck rider for 2015, is currently racing in the Canadian Track Nationals this week in Milton, Ontario. His previous track bike was a frame I helped make when I was building with 78Bike Co, in East Vancouver. However, his current track bike is all Bonavia. The frame is a mix of Columbus and True Temper tubing and a lovely over-sized head tube from Paragon Machine Works. Dylan is a an ex-bike messenger and a work horse of a bike racer. Never one to miss a turn on the front, he is known to put in more than his fair share of the work to make a break stick. I write this wishing him all the best in his upcoming races at Nationals.   Good luck in Milton, Dylan!!

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