78 Bike Co

At the moment and for the foreseeable, I will be making efforts to update this blog/websit/thing to bring you guys up to speed. I this post I will cover my time from 2010/2012  as a brazer in the small workshop of the 78 Bike Co in East Vancouver.

In the 18 months that 78 was building in Vancouver I was part of a small crew that consisted of Journeymen who’s real jobs were in heavy industry, but who grew up in the North Vancouver “North Shore” scene and the Vancouver cycle messenger community.  For me this was awesome having grown up watching the “NSX”, “Kranked” and “NWO” videos and working in London as a Messenger on and off from 97-2005 we were kindred spirits for sure.

I joined the crew in the fall of 2010 Angus/owner of 78, Jonathan Fether/ tig welder/machinist, Jonathan Pilley help, inspiration and good times! My self appointed tasks were mainly brazing, designing of bikes/tube selection, Angus and I also shared fabrication/tube cutting and prep.

Long travel hardtails, dirt jumpers, track bikes, winter road bikes and touring bikes were some of the bikes that were made. Contracts for batch runs of MTB’s and track bikes were also projects that we had. the below pictures show some of the bikes that we were cooking up.

.IMG_3202IMG_3206IMG_3222IMG_3207IMG_3215IMG_3214IMG_3212IMG_3211IMG_3213IMG_3244IMG_3279IMG_3280IMG_3285IMG_3045IMG_3043IMG_3049IMG_3023IMG_3020IMG_3019IMG_3017IMG_3015IMG_3012IMG_3011IMG_3009IMG_3022IMG_3191IMG_3192 IMG_321878-workshop-15078-workshop-151