In Neutral.

Hello all, I thought it is about time to post something about the situation at present. I am sitting in our house in lovely Strathcona, Vancouver, British Columbia. I am awaiting my tools and fixtures, which by now should be some where in Canada. I am at working full time as a mechanic here in Vancouver and enjoying it very much, I have plans and am looking forward to continuing with Bonavia in the future. At present though my energy’s are going into my work at the bike shop, supporting Debra with her studies and taking care of the brazing duties at 78 bikes in East Van. I have made a recent addition to the Bonavia cycles tool stock with a Myford ML7 long-bed lathe. I am very excited to have such a tool as they are very well made and regarded. This little guy is in great condition and has been very well taken care of. However it is tough having it just sit here in my living room waiting for a workshop! I will post a couple pictures of it. Bonavia cycles will be up and running in the future so stay tuned people, the future is bright and exciting.