A race bike for Sundays

So when my friend Dave told me he wanted me to make him a bike, I was stoked.
Dave has a wealth of experience on and off the road. His conduct on the road really shows the miles he’s got in his legs.
Dave rides strongly but without any arrogance or the “oneup” man-ship that befalls lesser riders still trying to prove something. I have enjoyed riding behind Dave and seeing the way he reads the roads and lanes of the Surrey and Kent hills.
Dave’s brief for me was simple. A race bike for Sundays. I was happy to oblige.
The frame itself has a real nice mix of Zona and Life Columbus tubes and a sweet set of Slant Six oversize lugs. The front fork is a colour matched Easton EC90, and the back end is Columbus tubes once again brought together with a Long Shen cast wishbone section.
The group-set is Campagnolo 11spd chorus and a pair of Campagnolo Nuetron ultra wheels, with Thompson,Deda and Selle finishing kit. The complete build as shown weighed up at 18.3lbs with pedals.
.3lbs heavier than my friend Nigel’s ti Serrotta…… these Lugs are not heavy.

I was on the club run with Dave a couple weeks ago when he managed to get time to get out and ride his new Bonavia for the first time. I was a bit nervous, mainly because Dave has a lot of time on bikes and knows how a good bike should ride. One of the great things about building bikes though is talking about, and then translating one persons wants and shaping them with my idea’s and vision of what I believe will preform as desired…. Daves 44mph decent down Reigate hill and the nice big smile at the top of Box hill was telling me that I had done alright.
I just want to say thank you to Dave for being a great friend and one of the most inspiring road-men I have ever had the good fortune ride next too.

I would also like to thank Lincoln aka El’ President e’ and the Brixton cycles family for the parts and for just being rad! thanks guys!