My friend James

What can I say, or how can I describe James with out using the word awesome? I have only known James for a few years now. However he never ceases to amaze, inspire and humble me. This big ol’ Virginian is definitely a lover not a fighter. Until he gets on his bike at which point he changes from a pleasant, articulate, gentleman into a burrito fueled man-cycle with the ability to execute the fastest deliveries, or a diesel powered racer with lots of heart. On the club run he is well paced and never a show off, with always enough left in the tank to get himself and anyone else in the group home if they need a tow. I am posting some shots of a race bike I made for James at the start of the year.

I would just like to add some news to this post that happened in June. While at work James was hit by a “white van driver” and as a result fractured his collarbone in an awesome way as befitting James who is by all accounts-AWESOME, however this means that his racing season this year is over before it began. This sucks, but the main thing is that James gets healed-up and gets back on the bike stronger than ever. So if you are reading this, James, take your time, watch some DVDs, don’t do any more d.i.y. and don’t forget your supplements!