Happy New Year!…..better late, than……..

Hello all, I hope 2010 has been treating you all well. For me it started on a bit of a low. What with the closing of Tour de Ville, I found myself without a job. This left me with two options. 1, Look for a new job or 2, Go pro with Bonavia ahead of plan. I contemplated both options while also being mindful of the pitfalls I had been warned about from other builders. So with that advice and my desire and determination for Bonavia to grow naturally rather than through necessity, I put my c.v. out there.  the result was an appointment for a brazing test at Brompton bicycles. This was very exciting and motivating for me. After three different Brazing tests I was asked to come back for an interview, four days later I was sent an offer and employed as a brazer and frame builder at Brompton bicycles!
WOW,  I was stoked, I was on my way to learning the famous “Brompton braze”.

So there I was, a month into the new year that started on a low, walking into a new job building the best designed, most iconic folding bicycle in the world, bar none!………stoked indeed.

Getting used to the brass was a bit tricky at first as most of my experience up until this point had been with silver rod and lugs. However Abdul, my boss and Head Brazer at Brompton for the last 12 years is a great teacher and with his guidance, my skill set has grown by leaps and bounds. Eight and a half hours torch time a day helps also!
I will leave you for the time being with this little teaser of a recent project I have completed. It was actually my christmas present to myself.
I hope you like.
bonavia studio shots 8

A new Fork and rack combo for this older road fixed wheel frame of mine.