This bikes got Heart! so has the owner!

I started building this bike in August and it is the first bike to be built on my new jig. A real nice fixture made by Joe Bringheli of Columbus Ohio. The build took longer than I would have wanted, this was mainly due to me breaking my shoulder and also having a full time job. In the end I think the bike rocks. Just like the owner who is a good friend of mine and a great bike rider. One of the “heads” of the Brixton cycles, cycling club, a man with a great heart, a big smile, and strong legs!. Thanks for the support Dave, I.O.U. a root beer!! The bike is just waiting for a nice new set of Alpha Q forks and then off to the painters.
The paintwork I am hoping is going to be pretty special also, but more on that at another time, I will leave you with a couple shots taken once again with my crappy phone. sorry about this people.

One thought on “This bikes got Heart! so has the owner!

  1. What a great bike Ross. the heart of the bike could not as you know be more apt, particularly at this time. For me the greatness of a bike is a combination of the relationships that go into the building of it. The relationship between builder’s skills and the materials they use. the relationship between the builder and the person the bike is built for. finally the relationship between all of these factors and then the riding of the bike. I know this will be a great bike for it has all of the above in depth and quality. I cannot wait to see it finished and then built up. We will I hope ride many long, joyful rides together over the years.

    “Ride hard, ride long but most importantly ride in good company”



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